Thursday, June 28, 2012

OK! So almost a month ago my mom had a baby :D It's a boy! He is five weeks now! His name is Cayden  Joseph! I wanna call him C.J. but my stepdad said "No! You are NOT calling my son C.J!" my stepdad is   the father of my baby bro but my mom is the mom. So now i am the oldest of three. I'm the oldest then        there's my 7 year old bro, then the youngest, Cayden! Since its summer i go to my mom's every other week instead of just every other weekend.... Like im at my mom's this week but i wont be next week, then i'll be here the week after that, and it goes on.... Cayden is the most adorable baby brother ever!!!! :D I                am always holding him pretty much! :P I hold him until i start playing on the laptop at 6:20 P.M! :D When i   get on the computer Cayden gets taken care of by mom, and stepdad! OK! ADIOS FOR NOW!! :D :P :) 

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